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Hi, my name is Temi and I’m the Founder & CEO of was first launched as an effort to give people to start their business in the simplest, easiest and most affordable way possible.  As a Computer Information Systems major from Lincoln University of Missouri, USA, I’ve developed a passion for technology and business that has led me to work for, build and advise some of the largest tech and ecommerce companies in Nigeria.

Over the years I’ve helped small, large and medium sized businesses start and grow, by leveraging my over 15 years of experience. As I started taking on more and more personal clients, the one thing I learning how short-sighted the current development process is. So many developers and development companies focus on building websites and ignore why the websites exist in the first place. Which means while they may deliver projects quickly and efficiently, clients never really see value in their tech products. 

With I’m hoping to change this.

We offer our experience in development, project management, marketing and consulting to make sure your website is not only visually beautiful and technically functional, but make sure it generates value as well. Whether that value is personal, social, economical, political or financial. This thought process has caused me to change our mission to what it is today: we don’t just build websites, we build business.



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